Party is here

Hey everyone,

If you have been on fantage recently you will know there is a christmas party on and every day you get a gift.

Here is a guide to help you with the gift from santa and the gift from the reindeer:


Q.Where is santas workshop? A. North Pole

Q.What will bring a snowman to life? A. A magical top hat

Q.What is Scrooges first name? A. Ebenezer

Q.Which shrubbery asks for people to kiss? A. Mistletoe

Q.Which isn’t a reindeer? A. Mixen

Q.What colour is the grinch? A. Green

Q.What is the most popular (christmas) tree topper? A. A Star

Q.Who helps santa wrap his presents? A. Elves

Q.What colour are the berries on mistletoe? A. White

Q.Where are the stocking hung? A. The fireplace

Santas answers coming soon.

Agnt007  Signing out

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