Valentines day is here!

Hey Everyone,

Firstly I’d like to thank civic_princess giving me lots of stickers.

Anyways as you all know the valentines day party is here and there are free tee-shirts for everone. Also premium members can get banana and strawberry costumes and formal sort of dress and suit. When you have a banana or strawberry costume on you can run through the choclate fountain and get covered in choclate.

There is also a valentines day treasure hunt going on. What you have to do is go around fantage looking for hearts(there are 20 of them), each heart is worth 10 coins. You can collect the hearts 5 times all together which means at the end of itall you’ll be 1000 stars ahead of what you started with.

here’s some pics from the fantage official bog

Come to the Valentine's Day Party! YAY!

Pick up these costumes & more at Mt. Fantage! ^_^


Agnt007 signing out.


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