Here Come the Farm Animals…

Hi! I'm Sammy!

Monsters aren’t the only creatures from the land known as Murias…

When Sammy the Skunk heard about how her good friend Leroy left his homeland of Murias in search of the freedom to battle, she thought he was 2 pegs away from having gone insane! However, after Leroy and his buddies left, the town soon turned dull and uneventful. Sammy began to think maybe he was right after all. A few days later, Sammy received a letter from Leroy telling her about how he stumbled upon a land known as Fantage…that it was a magical place where gameplay was celebrated! Sammy decided she should go to Fantage and she even convinced a few of her closest friends—Pink Cow, Scruffy, and Clucky—to come along with her!

When Sammy and her friends arrived, Pink Cow wanted badly to start battling at the Monster Color Battle, so off they went to the Carnival. However, it seems as though Monster Color Battle was only intended for…well, monsters. Sammy sighed with disappointment. The entire reason she came to Fantage was to play games! She left and began walking around aimlessly. She went Uptown to the Costume Shop. She walked in and saw Jester, the owner. Sammy could see he was a little down in the dumps…he hadn’t had any good costume ideas in weeks! Sammy and him tried to brainstorm to come up with some good ideas, but nothing was coming to mind. Jester’s thoughts began to wander and he realized that he had never met a skunk before. Just then, it hit him.

“That’s it!”, said Jester. “I can make a costume that looks like you—a skunk!”

Sammy became excited. ”You might want use my friends too! One is a pink cow! I’m pretty sure those are a rarity…”

Jester’s creativity for costume-making was once again sparked! Sammy and her friends felt happy too because they knew that if they didn’t travel all the way here, they would have never been able to help!

Stop by Jester’s Costumes this Thursday to buy your very own animal costumes!

Come check us out at the Costume Shop!

In other news, we have some new furniture items for your home! Take a look!

This retro style couch is the epitome of cool...

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