Party Invites & new homes

This Friday, we are releasing a super exciting new feature. This latest feature will allow you to send real party invitations to your friends! This means that whenever you decide to throw a big bash, you will be able to let all of your friends know about it by using new invites with fun designs. Whether your next party is a birthday, a fashion show, or even a color battle….there will be a specially-made invite for you to send out! Click the mailbox icon on the bottom on your screen to see how many party invites you have! Check out one of the invitations! There will be more invites for different types of parties! Also, don’t forget—we have brand new Homes being released on Friday as well! These newest additions to Castle Realtors will allow you to relax and play in the great outdoors with your friends! One of the new homes even has TWO floors—which means you can decorate twice as much. Check out this new Aquatic Home! There will be plenty more homes to choose from…this is just a sneak peek! Don’t forget—stop by Castle Realtors this Friday and check out the new homes!

You are invited to a party!

Invite friends to your parties!

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