Now released: New party homes

A revolution in home design has swept the Fantage world! Head over to Castle Realtors today to purchase your very own home! These new additions range from a fun Mushroom house to a 2-story peaceful Zen abode. With these new homes, you will even have your very own backyard!

We also released a cool neighborhood view. So, from now on, whenever you click the “My Home” section located on the world map, you will be able to see the homes of everyone who is logged onto your server.

If you want to visit someone’s house, just click on their home icon!

See everyone who is logged on in your server!

Brand new Party Invitation feature has also been released! To start a party, you’ll have to first go to your home. Then, click the “Have a Party!” icon on the top right corner of your screen.  Then, choose which type of party you’d like to have. You will be able to choose whether you’d like to invite only your buddies…or the entire server! Also, when you start a party, a party banner will automatically be hung in your room for the duration of the party!

  Click the balloon icon!

Then, choose what type of party you’d like to have!


 Posted by M on the FANTAGE OFFICIAL BLOG.

Agnt007 signing out


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