Upcoming St.Pattys Bash

Top o’ the mornin’ lads! My name is Finnigan, your host for our upcoming St. Patrick’s Day extravaganza! The party will last from Monday, March 15th-Sunday, March 21st. We have a lot of fun activities planned for our big celebration! First off, we are having a fun treasure hunt for you to take part in. On the hunt, you will be searching for my lost golden coins (from a real pot o’ gold!)…find them all and I will reward you will a cool prize! Also, we will be having a spectacular game event when upon completion, you will get free gifts! We can’t let you know all of the details just yet, that would spoil the surprise! In other news, a new Invite-a-Friend medal will be available tomorrow! To get this medal, click the “Invite-a-Friend” icon next to “My Home” at the bottom of your screen. Then, invite two of your friends to join. After each of your friends play on Fantage for an hour each, you will then receive this medal!

Check out this new medal!

Posted by M on the fantage official blog


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