Easter Fun and Piñatas…oh my!

This Thursday, we are releasing a Piñata game feature that you’ll be able to use whenever you host parties! All you’ll have to do is first host a party. Then, click the party icon to purchase a piñata. Each guest will be given a piñata-bashing tool that will be used to break the piñata. Keep clicking the piñata until it bursts with free Stars! Then, click on the Stars as fast as you can!

Meet Sasquatch, Caterpiller, and Raccoon! ^_^

 Wait, there’s more news! Our Easter extravaganza will begin this Thursday (4/1) and won’t end until Sunday (4/4)! This year’s Easter party will be packed with fun activities, free gifts, and more! First up, we’ll be having a fun-filled Easter Egg hunt. Search every corner of the Fantage world for hidden eggs. Some of these eggs are hidden quite cleverly, so be sure to look everywhere you possibly can! Then, get ready for an Easter party surprise! When you log in to Fantage either Thursday or Friday, an egg will magically appear in your home! Log in each day of the party and click on the egg to care for it. Each day you log in and care for your egg, the shell will crack just a little bit. On the last day, click the egg and watch it hatch into a free gift for you!

Crack, crack...what will your surprise be? ^_^

Posted by M on the fantage official blog

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