The Celeb Event is Nearing…

Attention all Fantage celebs!

Break out your best clothes and snazziest hairstyles because our celebrity event is nearing! Starting tomorrow, all Fantage celebrities will get to walk the red carpet and receive special gifts!  Four different celebrity tables will be setup over at the Carnival. Click on the tables to find out which celebrity gifts you qualify for! Hint: The higher your overall level is, the better your special celebrity gift will be! Log in tomorrow to find out if you’re a Fantage celeb!

All celebrities will receive free gifts!

Wait, there’s more!

A special NEW photo booth made for this event will be up as well! Go to any photo booth station around the world to get your picture taken by tons of paparazzi! Make sure to wave as you step out of your stretch limo and onto the red carpet…now, that’s what I call getting the Star treatment! Make sure to take plenty of pictures with Fantage celebs and store them in your photo album!

Get your picture taken by the paparazzi on the red carpet!

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2 Responses to The Celeb Event is Nearing…

  1. alanood_b says:

    nice but if ther no member ship it will be vere betufal becuse there is pepol not member ship

  2. lolo pop says:

    nice but if no member ship its will be cool

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