Grand Opening: Lucky Bob’s Trading!

Howdy, y’all!

Lucky Bob’s Trading Post is now open at the Forest! Go there now to saddle in some dough by selling your old and unwanted items to Bob. All you have to do is go to the shop, click the SELL button, and start hagglin’ Bob for his loot! If you decide to do a straight sell, you will receive 30% of the original price that you paid for it.

If you are a more risk-taking Fantagian, you also have the option to spin the Wheel of Chance! By spinning the wheel, you have a shot to get MORE or LESS than the item is worth. The question is…would you trust this guy? He looks a little shady…just a little.

Hootin' a heehaw! Got somethin' to sell, partner?

Howdy, Partner! Come to the grand openin' of Lucky Bob's tradin'!

Come to the grand opening of Lucky Bob’s Trading at the Forest! =)

posted by M on the fantage official blog


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