Fantage: The End is Nigh

Hey Fantagians,

Fantage is coming towards the end of its life, and there’s a lot of evidence to suggest things will wrap up soon.

Their new map lay out is a push for new users as it provides clarity and everything is in one place. This is complicated game turns new users away. The server list shrinks every once in a while, which means the player base is dwindling, and as premium members stop playing/paying, Fantage cannot afford to run lots of servers. Everything they do is a push for money. It focuses on needing to use ecoins or get premium membership. They put items at super high prices that people need to buy ecoins or premium membership to buy them. Any cool new item is a premium member item. One in every 4+ is a non-premium item these days. Interacting with players and holding competitions is a push to keep current players. They keep releasing new benefits for premium membership to try to increase the number of members. One of these is cheaper items for them, once someone has bought premium membership, they probably won’t need to buy items with ecoins, therefore they just make more of an incentive for premium membership.  Creating the iPad app reaches out to a different audience, which they hope will join up to the computer version, and then buy premium membership. The app is about to introduce in-app-purchases, yet another push for money. Also, children using the app are able to buy things easily without needing to use a credit card. Another obscure thing is the watching ads for ecoins. Fantage would get money everytime an ad is watched. And non-members wanting ecoins are still basically paying Fantage for them.

All this points towards Fantage desperately searching for money and a player base to keep it running. If things don’t change, there may not be a 2015 Fantage New Year Party.

-Agnt007 😉

13 Responses to Fantage: The End is Nigh

  1. cloud82 says:

    Your blog looks really retro 🙂

  2. Arianna- jayde (tyling202 on fantage) says:

    that’s why they created gold b/c they need more money, and that stuff u said seems reasonable……. this is sad 😦

    • Agnt007 says:

      Yeah, I realised that. But I created that post before they added gold. ALso, the current camp event needs you to have gold to be able to buy items to participate in the activities.

  3. Or even a 2014 Holiday Party. I’m surprised, most blogs who posted back in 2010 or so quit now, and haven’t made a post since like 2012.

  4. […] closure was inevitable, I’d been predicting each year since 2014 that it would be Fantage’s “last year”, turns out this year (just 4 years off) I […]

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