Here are some cheats that you can use.

1.No shoes

Step 1.Put you dance party costume on

Step 2.Put on any other clothes(not an a different costume)

Step’re done now you have no shoes

2.Walk on walls(in house)

Step1.When the house is loading click the top of the fantage screen

Step2.When it has finished loading you are on the wall

3.Full server(No Longer Works)

Step1. When you are on the select server screen press tab

Step2. Then use the arrow keys to move the yellow box to around a full server

Step3. Press enter

Step4. Now you are logged on to a full server

Change sun(no longer works-Thanks to Katie_Rox_3 for letting me know):

Step1. Go to castle

Step2. Click sun

Step3. Now the sky is red

Word change:

Step1. Type in instant messanger “hello” it will come out as “hi”(must be talking to one person only)

Step2. If u type in some other words like ugly and girlfriend?boyfriend it will change the word it will also change cum to come

Foot Glitch:

Step1. Be a premium member boy

Step2.Put on the magic carpet board

Step3.Put on flipper shoes

Step4. you’re done. The flipper should be coming out underneath the board

Crazy Monkey:

I was one of the first to know about this when it came out and it used to be REALLY popular, then recently someone named Sarah reminded me.

Step 1. Open a Private IM

Step 2. Type: Thats One Crazy Monkey

Step 3. Send the Chat

There Should be a dancing Monkey Emoticon

Thx Sarah XD


23 Responses to Cheats

  1. animalsvet says:

    the full server still works!

  2. Someone says:

    No It doesn’t

  3. mitsumi00 says:

    i know another cheat but it doesnt work now:
    step 1: go to the cafe and click under the blog and map buttons
    step 2: click on the corner of the counter with the cofee machines
    step 3: you should hav dissapeared and now click on the big window. youre behind it!

  4. kailly says:

    um the full sever cheat dos not work on 2010 but I know the flying cheat and the free ecoin cheat

  5. fantagerocks says:

    the sun cheat works!Thx!

  6. fantagerocks says:

    the cafe cheat doesnt work!

  7. morgan says:

    whats the free ecoin cheat?

  8. charlize says:

    i wish there were more ppl going on this website

  9. danny says:

    i know a cheat forf eccoinz but it requiers downloading
    first search ecoin genorater
    then u click donload
    type in the amount of ecoins u want
    then tap transfere
    type in ur username\go back to fantage then u have all the ecoins
    it worked for me sorry if it didnt work 4 u

  10. zoe says:

    im soo brd

  11. Zak says:

    i just found this website but you guys still playing fantage??

    • Agnt007 says:

      Hey Zak! Geez, this blog is so old. To be honest I don’t play Fantage much anymore, but I still occasionally go on. But sadly, not going on much, means I don’t have a heap to post about. I try to update and approve comments whenever I can though!

  12. Zak says:

    the last comment was on 24, 2012 !!

  13. dolphin6778 says:

    Hmmm how do people fly again? I forgot…………..

  14. cxvvsvvvvv says:

    This blog is so awesome! I love seeing old stuff….

  15. xXFANTAGEXx says:

    omg some of these comments are from 2009 im getting old. aka im 9. jk i aint telling my age!!!!!!!!!!

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