Current favourite item

Here is favourite item currently

Please comment on your fav item


11 Responses to Current favourite item

  1. мαρℓɛωσσ∂ says:

    dance outfit 2009 :]

  2. kierra016 says:

    pink bunny shirt and the regular wand the valentines headband the one with the 2 hearts overlaping andddd uhhhhh pink rose headband thats all reply if u have atleast one of those items rofl

    kierra016(on fantage)

  3. beckyburst says:

    blue light bolb shirt the i love mom shirt the i love dad shirt firework sticks stained glass purple pink and blue shirt blue beautiful board blue surf board party hat all of the glow sticks frisky cc ( aka cool cat hair ) bb (i forgot) strawberry T shirt flower shirt rose headband two hearts headband jungle tree ( rare ) pink flowered bathing suit and a really lot more so i know this a lot and even more i have a lot i still have about 1,00000 more to go lol! but i know u dont wanna soend ut time reading this so 😉

  4. rachel says:

    i think dats really ugly lawl

  5. Fantage Jeny says:

    I love the forest fairy queen costume! but this is awesome!

  6. busa9 says:

    autumn hair- firskey- bb- cc -pink streak- and bubble gum and number one and nose and pbh and fancy violet limited dress and chalks and tire brds and sashes and crowns and fantage santa hats……….. that all 🙂 :/

  7. xXFANTAGEXx says:

    Ive been loving this item but too rare to get and mymall, i dont have ANY sort of gold. My 3 items i like is
    1- Chic Black hair
    2- Arrow Accessory
    3- Geek Frames ( Blue version )

  8. min11s14 says:

    I like
    1-buny nose
    2-bubble gum
    3-number one

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