Fantage Spy Army

After 7 or so years, Ive finally got the true James Bond look.

James Bond!

Hey everyone

you can become a spy by posting your username. I will give you a mission later.

The Uniform for the boys

Sorry no girl uniform yet so just wear black.


Agnt007 -Top Ninja




























Are You Next? -Cadet


49 Responses to Fantage Spy Army

  1. mitsumi00 says:

    oh man i wanna b a spy and im a girl. my user is mitsumi00 and im mostly found on white seal and relly full servers, no empty ones. im a member

  2. мαρℓɛωσσ∂ says:


    animalcrossingwi is me [:

  3. Tessp says:

    Im Tessp and im a member. I am a girl and im always on Banana Barracuda!

  4. Senna says:

    i am senna_12 and im a usually on auburn hippo or blue tiger or just a full server.OuO im a non but i look liek a mem

  5. morgan says:

    im towardthesun and im usually in blue tiger or the banana one

  6. Mirana says:

    im a girl me and my name is havilander1 and im usallyin aqua unicorn, brown bear, or purple otter (not there anymore)

  7. i wanna be a spy im a mem on fantage i got a really cool spy black outfit, my username is hollow72244 and if ya want my email then:

  8. Luna says:

    my username is angelkittykat (mem)

  9. Viki says:

    My username is lozada0. I go to different servers so I can’t tell you which one I’m going to be at. I want to be a spy, too.

  10. zoe12357 says:

    im mostly on blue tiger and im a mem.

  11. kaitie2000 says:

    hi my name is kaitie2000a nd i would like to be a spy

  12. sarah says:

    Im prettymeme75 for the girlz!

  13. Presam123 says:

    heyyaa presam123 membaa have a lotta back an good at disguises

  14. Fantage Nimi says:

    Just wear black… mhm -.-

  15. help237 says:

    hi my name is help237 i would like o a spy

  16. rachel says:

    hi im lilacspringss and i want to be a spy pls
    im always in servers with lots of fantagigans

  17. lily says:

    hi my username is lilyfoster i am a member i would like to be a spy im am mostly found on white seal

  18. Ryanne says:

    Im ryanner9. Im a girl and i would like to be a spy. Im not a member.

  19. romani says:

    My username is romani6.II am a girl and I will like to be a spy.the servers I go on is any server that is all most full and I am not a member.

  20. Meowingtons says:

    My username is glittergirl_2

  21. cloud82 says:

    this page caught my eye, because my blog is called “Fantage Spy”!

  22. im a girl my user on fantage is emma38044 i uselly go on aque unicorn blue tiger and white seal i olny go to full servers

  23. FantageChez(followmeonquotev) says:

    my username is kathrynparenteau

  24. busa9 says:

    im busa9. i wanna be on this page and im a girl. and i have ur uniform…..

  25. I am ng313, please accept me, I will waer my camera and all black for a day if you do!

  26. dolphin6778 says:

    I want to be a spyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy………

  27. Hi there, can we meet up on Fantage?

  28. Rafah says:

    my username is rafah911

  29. Cooldude24328 says:

    my username is cooldude24328

  30. kid12348 says:

    Would i be able to join the “spy army” ?

  31. min11s14 says:

    Can I be one of the group? I am a girl, and I am min11s14 on Fantage, same as my WordPress account. Please reply quickly, and please put me up on the list! >.<

  32. Asharie says:

    my user name on fantage is prettygirl850454

  33. The_Ghost says:

    I want to be an agent, im a gal,… What To wear? just black?
    do we have to wear a percific type of clothing? or just any black clothes? and I used to be a pm But it expired 😦 … My Username is Utuber_yay12
    and My BackUp Is Appledash51

    Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :DD

  34. The_Ghost says:

    I would like To Be a spy, Im ‘ Utuber_yay12 ‘
    You Can Find Me on the first server or the one with the most avaters, 😀

  35. estherli521 says:

    I would like to join im a girl my username is estherli521

  36. limeblazefromfantage says:

    I wanna join! My user is Limeblaze, and I already entered through the Fantagian page but idc. I’m always either on the most populated server, or the least.:p

  37. mayamohini says:

    i would like to join my username is mayamohini6

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